Partial Transportation

Partial Transportation

Evliya Çelebi Nakliyat serves its customers in the field of partial transportation as well as complete transportation. Partial Transportation; It is a logistics service that enables individuals or institutions with a low amount of products to be transported to receive lower cost transportation services. Evliya Çelebi Nakliyat collects the products purchased from its customers in its own warehouses and creates product pools according to provinces or regions.
Adopting an understanding focused on customer satisfaction, Evliya Çelebi Nakliyat carries out the necessary handling operations to prevent damage to the products and products during transportation.

What is Partial Transportation?

The logistics of transporting the loads of different customers on the same route with the same truck, pickup truck or lorry is called partial transportation. In this way, you benefit economically as the load you want to transport is combined with different loads.

We Are Transporting All Over Turkey

The purpose of partial goods transportation (also called partial goods transportation) is to make the transportation fee attractive for you by loading the goods on the same route on a single transportation vehicle. You can contact us with a list of the goods you intend to transport and send them to us via our contact numbers or e-mail address.

Our Partial (Part Load & Goods) Transport Method

Since parcel transportation means the transportation of more than one load or goods belonging to more than one customer, you may be concerned about the possibility of confusion during the transportation, loading or unloading of your cargo or valuables. As EVLIYA ÇELEBİ TRANSPORT, we load your cargo in line with the route we will follow, in the order in which the goods are unloaded from the vehicle (loading to be unloaded first, loading our vehicle last). We make an inventory of your belongings on your behalf. In this way, we carry out the download and delivery process in line with the inventory that we have prepared sequentially along the route.