Our Environmental Policy

Evliya Çelebi Transport, which sees the Environmental Policy as a necessity, tries to set an example in the sector as an environmentally sensitive enterprise and to fulfill its duty completely.

It follows and implements the Environmental Management System, which has increased in importance in recent years, from the very first day, and contributes as much as possible to the effort to leave a clean world to future generations.

For this purpose:

  • To minimize the environmental impact by improving our existing and new investments and practices,
    Considering environmental management as a part of our business and using environmentally friendly materials in all works,
  • To fulfill our sectoral and legal obligations in matters concerning our activities, to comply with international legislation,
    To ensure the disposal of our wastes in accordance with their characteristics, to support their recycling and reuse, to keep the pollution caused by our wastes at a minimum,
  • To use environmentally friendly "Green Engine" in all its vehicles, to use fuels that minimize carbon monoxide emissions,
    To maintain the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System by continuously improving it,
  • To develop environmentally and socially sensitive corporate understanding and business processes,
    It has integrated according to the terms of the Environmental Policy.