Domestic Container Transportation

Domestic Container Transportation

Evliya Çelebi Nakliyat provides a safe and fast service to all its customers in container transportation with its fleet of trucks and trucks, and its on-line / real-time traffic-controlled system in its headquarters, branches, warehouses and port offices.

Port - warehouse - port empty container

Port/warehouse - customer - port/warehouse full container

Secured transfer and II. pier transports

Ports We Serve:

  • Istanbul (Haydarpasa - Ambarli)
  • Kocaeli (Hereke)

Konteyner Taşımacılığı

With our rich vehicle portfolio and experienced team, we believe that we, as the transporter of this region, provide the best service to our esteemed customers under the most favorable conditions, especially for import and export shipments to be made from Yılport and Evyap ports in Kocaeli region.

All customer transactions, from service requests to customs procedures, from invoices to financial reconciliations, are handled by our representatives who are experts in their fields.


Transport issues

Fuel Expenses

Stacked containers in rail transport save costs

It increases the amount of fuel consumed in actual transportation due to the additional weight of the container being added to the load. However, despite the increasing fuel cost, this increase is negligible as a result of the increase in transportation efficiency. In some cases, the cost is further reduced when the containers are shipped one after the other, depending on the availability of the railways.


Containers have been used in various illegal smuggling activities. A wide range of crimes, from arms smuggling to human smuggling, cannot be controlled due to the enormous number of containers.

Empty Containers

Containers are built for continuous use. After a load has been taken to its destination, the container is scheduled to cycle again to carry another load. Directing empty containers to places where they are needed is a work that requires planning. In addition, recently, it is preferred to reuse used containers by overhauling rather than producing new containers. In addition, containers that are no longer used in transportation are also used for various purposes.

Maritime Accidents

Containers may fall into the sea during stormy weather or as a result of maritime accidents and get lost during maritime transport. About 2 to 10 thousand containers are lost at sea every year in the world.

Most containers that fall into the sea sink immediately, and unsinkable containers, depending on the condition of their cargo, become dangerous obstacles for maritime transportation. Containers whose load was dispersed after falling into the sea as a result of an accident provided important data for scientific studies, as in the case of the Toy duck incident.