About Us


Evliya Çelebi International Nakliyat Tic.Ltd., an institution of İnanç Foreign Trade Services Group. Welcome to our Sti. I am Nejdet KÜLÜNK, the founder of İnanç Foreign Trade Services Group. I am the founder and General Manager of Evliya Çelebi International Nakliyat Tic.Ltd.Şti. I am in the 47th year of the customs consultancy profession. Inanc Foreign Trade Services Group, on the other hand, has entered its 37th year. Evliya Çelebi is a company, an institution founded on 47 years of professional experience. Of course, very painful experiences are indispensable in one’s life. The issue is closely related to whether the individual learns from those painful experiences. You start a business, you destroy the business, you do business, you burn the business, you manage it wrong, you form wrong partnerships, but all of these seem like material-dimensional losses, in fact, they are also sources of spiritual experience. If you had not experienced them, you would not have these vast experiences today.

Really Evliya Celebi International Transport Tic. LLC. is a company founded on great experiences and historical suffering. We are not yet 7 years old, but we own 21 new Mercedes tractor trucks, 22 brand new Tırsan trailers and 1 light commercial vehicle in 7 years with our own efforts and our own capital. We give names to each of our trucks so that we can keep their bond with history. Manzikert, Pleven, 30 August, Çanakkale, Sarıkamış, HFK 1453, Mohaç, Ertuğrul Gazi, Martyr Ömer Halisdemir, Eren BÜLBÜL, Metin Temel Pasha, Muhammed KÜLÜNK, Şazimet KÜLÜNK, Thyme, Juniper, Mint, Black Seed, Şahin AKDEMİR, Halal Lokma, By giving names such as Mehmet Hüsrev, Süleyman First, Şehzade, we do not just write money, we also write and keep it alive in history. At the same time, we write and paste a very short document about this date on our trucks.

Let’s draw attention, this company is a company that connects with history, so that we can keep its culture alive. Our captains are not drivers. The driver is not. Each of our friends sitting behind the wheel of our trucks has the title of “Captain” and every week our captain friends go through in-group training strictly. Please imagine that you are entrusting this property to the captain of a truck that you have bought for 350 thousand TL and seen for the first time. When we think that 200, 300, 400, 500, one trillion worth of goods are transported as consignment on his trailer, we will realize what an important profession the truck captains are. It was a phrase expressed to me in the training of truck captains. “Sir, no one considers us to be a person, but we came to Evliya Çelebi, the foundation of İnanç Foreign Trade Services Group, and here for the first time, you welcomed us, offered tea and provided us with information about your institution, we were very, very proud.”

Dear customers, dear guests, Evliya Çelebi International Transport Ltd.Şti. Welcome what. I hope we will not upset you at all. Be relax. Kind regards.

Founder | General Manager